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Welcome to the Web site of the ARC Network for Early European Research

The ARC Network for Early European Research (NEER) was funded between 2004 and 2010 as a national framework for enhancing and supporting current Australian research into the culture and history of Europe between the fifth and early nineteenth centuries. This Web site is no longer being updated but will remain available for the time being.

NEER supported five main Research Themes: Cultural Memory; Social Fabric; Intellectual Formations: Science, Medicine and Philosophy; Early European/ Australasian Connections; and Religion and Spirituality. It also supported a programme of digital initiatives as well as training opportunities for postgraduates and early career researchers.

NEER's collaborative Web space, known as NEER Confluence, allowed members of the Network and general Web users to:

    • access a database of information about the research activities of more than 300 NEER Participants.
    • browse researcher profiles, which included contact details, research interests, and publications.
    • find out more about the activities of the NEER Research Clusters and the Digital Services programme.

NEER Confluence is still available for use by individual researchers.

Publications and other outputs by NEER participants were collected and made available through the PioNEER Repository. This service is no longer being updated.

Information about Early European manuscripts and artworks in public Australian collections is available through Europa Inventa. This service is being redeveloped during 2013.


NEER was funded by the Australian Research Council and by a consortium of institutional partners, and hosted by The University of Western Australia.

Inquiries about NEER can be directed to Dr Anne Scott (anne.scott@uwa.edu.au) or Dr Toby Burrows (toby.burrows@uwa.edu.au).

Australian Government: Australian Research Council University of Western Australia

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