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NEER Events 2009


12-14 February 2009

NEER Road Show and Reception by invitation from Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS)

University of Arizona, USA

Anne Scott

Toby Burrows, Claire McIlroy, Anne Scott

27-28 March 2009

Symposium: "Summa Collectae", in honour of Barry Collett

St Peters (church hall), Eastern Hill, Melbourne

Kathleen Neal

Barry Collett et al

30 March - 1 April 2009

European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop on "Applying Semantic Web Technologies to Medieval Manuscript Research"

University of Birmingham

Wendy Scase, Orietta Da Rold, Toby Burrows

Invited participants from the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark and Belgium

12-13 June 2009

NEER Theme/Perth Medieval and Renaissance Group (PMRG) Symposium: "Perceptions of Terra Australis"

University Club of Western Australia

Claire McIlroy, Anne Scott, Jacqueline van Gent, Chris Wortham

Mercedes Camino (Lancaster), Norman Etherington (UWA), Alfred Hiatt (Leeds) et al

5-7 July 2009

Theatre Colloquium: "Preparing to Perform: Rehearsal and other forms of pre-performance preparation in pre-Modern European productions"

University of New South Wales

Laura Ginters

Laura Ginters, John Golder

13-14 July 2009

Conference: "Hume and the Enlightenment"

Flinders University

Robert Phiddian, Craig Taylor, Rebecca Vaughan

Dale Jaquette (Bern, Switzerland), Stanley Tweymen (York, Ontario), Stephen Buckle (ACU), James Harris (Stirling, Scotland) et al

17-18 July 2009

Symposium: "Early Modern Women's Poetry", hosted by NEER Research Cluster on Early Modern Women's Writing in conjunction with the London Renaissance Seminar

Birkbeck College, University of London

Patricia Pender, Rosalind Smith

Patricia Pender (Newcastle), Paul Salzman (La Trobe), Rosalind Smith (Newcastle), Susan Wiseman (Birkbeck) et al

28 August 2009

Symposium: "Early Celtic Legal Language"

Celtic Studies, University of Sydney

Pamela O'Neill

Anders Ahlqvist (Sydney), Neil McLeod (Murdoch), Pamela O'Neill (Sydney) et al


12-13 September 2009

Conference: "Cultural Forms and Ideology in Early Modern Europe and its Colonies", in honour of Charles Zika

University of Melbourne

Sarah Ferber, Elizabeth Kent, Jennifer Spinks, Lyndal Roper

Dagmar Eichberger (Heidelberg), Charles Zika (Melbourne) et al

Information flyer

11-13 September 2009

Meeting of CARMEN: Co-operative for the Advancement of Research through a Medieval European Network

Institut fur Realienkunde Mittelalters und der fruhen Neuzeit, Krems, Austria

Claire McIlroy

CARMEN members

28 September 2009

29-30 Sept. 2009

Symposium: "Reading the Past in Present Day Adelaide"

PATS "Preparing for Life after the PhD"

University of Adelaide

Lucy Potter, Claire Walker

Symposium information

PATS information

30 Sept. - 2 October 2009

Conference: "Gathering the Threads: Weaving the Early Medieval World", 6th Annual Conference of the Australian Early Medieval Association (AEMA)

Monash University

Natasha Amendola, Kathleen Neal

Felicity Harley-McGowan (Melbourne), Ann Trindade (Melbourne) et al

9-10 October 2009

Workshop/Symposium: "Human Rights: A Longer History"

Call for Papers

University of Tasmania

Michael Bennett, Jason Taliadoros

Megan Cassidy-Welch (Melbourne), Conal Condren (UNSW/UQ), David Garrioch (Monash), Constant Mews (Monash), Cary Nederman (Texas A & M) et al

13 November 2009

14 November 2009

PATS: "Latin Clinic for Medievalists and Early Modernists" Final Call

Symposium: "Latin’s Long Histories and Interdisciplinary Applications"

Classics Centre, University of Sydney

Yasmin Haskell, Frances Muecke

Yasmin Haskell, Frances Muecke et al

19 November 2009

20-21 November 2009

PATS: "Trends, Methodologies and Resources in Studying Medieval and Early Modern Religion and Spirituality"

Conference: "Interpreting St Francis in a multi-religious society: from the middle ages to the present" (NEER Theme Religion & Spirituality a sponsor) Call for papers

Yarra Theological Union, Victoria

Constant Mews

Michael Cusato ofm (St Bonaventure's University, New York), Maurice Carmody (Nelson, New Zealand), Jacques Dalarun (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris), Briege O'Hare osc (Ireland)

27-28 November 2009

Symposium: "The Medievalism of Nostalgia"

Masterclass to follow the conference (29 Nov) for postgrads and ECRs, click on the link for details

Graduate Centre, University of Melbourne

Helen Dell

Louise D'Arcens (Wollongong), Andrew Lynch (UWA), Linda M. Austin (Oklahoma State University) et al

4 December 2009

Workshop: "Scientific Institutions and Experimental Science: 1660-1760"

Campion College, Sydney

Luciano Boschiero

Luciano Boschiero (Campion College, Syndey), Gerhard Wiesenfeldt (Melbourne)

Programme and Poster

Information flyer

12 December 2009

Symposium: To celebrate the gifting of the first tranche of the Burden Collection of 18th century English music and drama to the Barr Smith Library, Adelaide

Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide

Jula Szuster

Information Flyer

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